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Fighting On Behalf Of Injured Snowmobile Riders And Passengers

Whether you are an avid snowmobiler or occasionally go along for a ride, you face risks every time you head out on a trail. While snowmobiling is a popular activity in the winter months across Wisconsin, it is critical to both understand these risks and how to move forward after a crash.

At Lindner Law, LLC, our personal injury attorneys have experience with recreational accidents. We stand up for the rights of the injured and for family members who lost a loved one in a fatal crash. We fight to pursue the maximum amount of compensation to help you move forward and focus on your road to recovery.

Common Causes Of Snowmobiling Accidents

While a wide variety of hazards and conditions can lead to snowmobile crashes, the following are consistently among the top causes:

  • Alcohol – According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), alcohol is involved in at least three-quarters of snowmobiling fatalities each year. No amount of alcohol is safe while riding.
  • Excessive speed – Just like on the roads, speeding can lead to serious crashes. Notably, speeding through snow-covered trails can lead to a failure to see hidden stumps, roots or other objects and cause collisions.
  • Driver inexperience or error – While the DNR requires those born after 1985 to take a safety course, operator error combined with thin or inconsistent ice, snowy trails and changing weather can be dangerous.

Whether one or several of these factors contributed to your crash, injuries suffered can be serious and even fatal. Common injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), head, neck or spinal injuries, crushing injuries and more.

We Treat Our Clients Like VIPs

Being involved in any sort of recreational vehicle crash can be devastating, whether you were injured in a snowmobile, boat or ATV accident. In such a vulnerable time, our attorneys treat our clients like the VIPs they deserve to be treated as. When you work with our snowmobile accident lawyers, you can expect responsive communication, dedicated guidance throughout the duration of your time with us and individualized attention regardless of the size of your case.

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