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Motor Vehicle Accidents

$1.438 Million Settlement

Motor Vehicle Crash

Plaintiff ejected; suffered traumatic brain injury.

$700,000 Settlement

North Carolina

Snowplow crashes into hotel shuttle van as Wisconsinite is being transported to airport.

$550,000 Settlement

Auto Crash

Client with multiple prior shoulder surgeries and preexisting conditions fully compensated for aggravated injuries.

$510,000 Settlement

Right Ankle/Foot Injury

Defendant makes negligent left turn on rural highway in Jackson County

$510,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Crash

St. Croix County plaintiff has spleen removed to stop a life threatening hemorrhage

$400,000 Settlement

Auto Crash – Sauk County

Child passenger has significant psychological injuries following devastating head-on crash

$350,000 Settlement

Auto Crash

Defendant hauling concrete slabs crashes into Dane County plaintiff causing left arm surgery

$273,000 Settlement

Car/Pedestrian Crash

Wauwatosa Client severely injured when reckless driver lost control on slippery streets and hit client while he was shoveling sidewalk

$250,000 Settlement

Car/Passenger Crash

Host driver suffers asthma attack and blacks out causing crash; policy limits obtained for injured passenger.

$235,000 Additional Settlement

Car/Passenger Crash

New Glarus area single car accident where driver lost control of vehicle-firm found additional coverage after first lawyer settled for the underlying $100,000 policy limits

$200,000 Settlement


Young client suffered back injuries in Milwaukee auto crash

$190,000 Settlement

Auto Crash

Appleton area case involving aggravation of preexisting conditions

$170,000 Settlement

Auto Crash

Waukesha client recovers for injured wrist caused by improper turn in front of him

$100,000 Settlement

Car/Pedestrian Crash

Car backs up in driveway striking plaintiff; policy limits obtained

$100,000 Settlement

Car/Pedestrian Crash

Kimberly client struck in crosswalk by tired driver, resulting in shoulder injuries.

Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents

$650,000 Settlement

Trucking Accident

Plaintiff suffered back injury with lumbar laminectomy.

$565,000 Settlement

When Work Truck Crashed Into Head-On

Plaintiff required neck surgery.

$425,000 Settlement

School Bus Versus Car Crash

Waukesha client hit by school bus causing severe injuries

Motorcycle Crash

$1.72 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Crash

Drunk driver turns left into the path of motorcyclist.

$925,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Crash

Plaintiff suffered multiple leg fractures; surgery required.

$900,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Crash

Defendant pulls out from grocery store parking lot into the path of plaintiff.

$727,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Crash

Plaintiff had significant facial injuries with scarring.

$540,354.62 Verdict

Motorcycle Crash

Jury not impressed by defense surveillance video showing plaintiff hiking in the woods.

ATV accident

$2 Million Settlement

ATV accident

Passenger in ATV accident paralyzed when ATV rolled over in farm field; settlement exceeded the policy limits.

$100,000 Settlement

Recreational Vehicle Accident

Plaintiff hurt in UTV crash; policy limits obtained

Premises Liability

$190,000 Settlement

Trip and Fall

Richland County plaintiff falls due to parking lot pothole; suffers left wrist injury

$159,000 Settlement


Plaintiff falls due to defective patio stairs

$155,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall

Kaukauna client slips and falls on icy stairs with no railing in rental property

$150,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall

Plaintiff slips and falls due to wet school floor

$145,000 Settlement

Trip and Fall

Plaintiff trips in hole outside flower shop entrance; fractures right foot

$92,000 Settlement

Fall Off Balcony

Defective railing caused Madison client to fall off porch balcony

$85,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall

Madison client fell into a sump pump hole in her parking garage that was not adequately covered

$75,000 Settlement

Retail Store

Hazardous display at retail store causes plaintiff to trip and fall

$47,500 Settlement


Plaintiff injured in clothes changing room; no grab rail or bench

$30,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall Case Which Was Originally Denied by the Insurance Company

Plaintiff slipped and fell on ice in parking lot of strip mall.

Wrongful Death

$250,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Wrongful Death

St. Croix death case where insurer initially challenged liability offering only half of the $250,000 available policy limits.

$250,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Wrongful Death

Marathon County motorcyclist killed when elderly driver turned left in front; settled for all available policy limits

Dog Bites

$300,000 Settlement

Child attacked by dog

Policy limits 1 ½-year-old child mauled by Rottweiler.

$300,000 Settlement

Mom and child attacked by dogs

Policy limits obtained for mom and child attacked by two Rottweilers at a bus stop.

$225,000 Settlement

in Dog Bite Case

Woman bitten on the nose requiring reconstructive surgery.

$165,000 Settlement

Man attacked by dog

Dog escapes through front door and severely bites salesman

$112,500 Settlement

Woman attacked by dog on arm

Woman attacked by dog while at tavern, suffers left arm scarring and PTSD.

$77,500 Settlement

Child attacked by dog – face injury

3 ½-year-old bitten in face by German Shepherd while playing in her front yard.

$75,000 Settlement

Woman attacked by dog – leg injury

27-year-old bitten in left upper thigh while jogging; initially offered $4,478.51.

$60,000 Settlement

Man injured in dog chase

Man crashes bicycle and injures knee trying to evade menacing dog.

$53,000 Settlement

Woman attacked by dog – leg injury

Woman bitten in leg by German Shepherd in Oconto County.

$41,700 Settlement

Child attacked by dog – face injury

2 ½-year-old bitten in the left cheek while at restaurant’s outside dining area.

$35,000 Settlement

Woman attacked by dog – leg injury

Unsupervised dog plowed into woman’s right leg causing injury.

$33,750 Settlement

Child attacked by dog

A dog bit a young child while at grandmother’s house, suffers nightmares.

$27,200 Settlement

Male attacked by dog – arm injury

Client suffered bites to his right arm and left hand.

$25,000 Settlement

Woman suffers dog attack

Policy limits obtained; medical bills only $465

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