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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

If you were injured in an automobile, motorcycle or truck accident that was not your fault, consulting with a personal injury attorney at Lindner Law, LLC, can help protect your rights to recovery from the at-fault party (or parties) and their insurers. Legal advice cannot be dispensed through TV, books or websites because each case is different. Nothing takes the place of consulting with a trusted attorney from a well-established law firm. However, we can offer general answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

I’ve Been Injured In An Accident. What Should I Be Doing?

Priority 1 – Your Health

You should get timely medical care for everyone involved. If you are injured, or there is suspicion of injury, cooperate with medical personnel who recommended tests and/or hospitalization. Do not be overly concerned about the medical expenses at this point. Your health is more important.

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?

Consulting with an attorney will help determine whether you have grounds for a solid personal injury case. An attorney’s experience and knowledge of the law will be applied to your situation. Your attorney will have to prove:

  • You were injured
  • The defendant (at-fault party) was negligent
  • The defendant’s negligence caused your injuries
  • The defendant’s insurance applies to the injury-causing event.

Who Pays Medical Bills From My Accident?

The negligent party and their insurance company both are responsible for your losses and injuries resulting from the accident. That includes medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of earnings and future earning capacity, expenses incurred for accident injury treatment and other related expenses. We make every effort to make the responsible party pay for your losses and injuries. If the driver at fault did not have adequate insurance, our firm’s experience in this area will be valuable as we explore all other avenues of reimbursement and compensation for medical bills.

What About Rehab, Lost Time At Work, The Money I Have To Pay Babysitters In Order To Get To The Doctor, Extra Help Around The House, Travel Costs And Other Expenses?

Because the negligent party is responsible for these expenses, Lindner Law, LLC, attorneys and staff will take the actions necessary to recover these expenses for you from all possible sources. Our attorneys and staff work with clients to achieve optimum results in each and every case — large or small.

Who Can I Talk To About My Accident?

We suggest you refrain from talking to anyone about your accident except your doctors, lawyers and spouse. In our firm, your case is assigned to a specific paralegal who will talk to you about your concerns and serve as your link to your attorney. Your file is always at their fingertips. The attorney and paralegal who constitute your team can discuss details of your case knowledgeably and promptly whenever you call. These same professionals ensure that your case moves through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What About The Damage To My Vehicle?

If your vehicle was damaged or totaled, we help with repair and replacement. Some law firms do not want to deal with your vehicle damage in a personal injury case. But, when Lindner Law, LLC, represents a client in a vehicle injury accident, we will handle the vehicle damage portion of your case free of charge.

What Should I Do When Contacted By The Insurance Company?

This is where a trusted attorney will be most helpful. Remember the insurance company’s goal is to protect THEIR interests and bottom line, not yours. Your representatives at Lindner Law, LLC, will explain more about the workings of the personal injury system. We will handle all communications, forms and inquiries from the insurance company.

In order to avoid costly mistakes in dealing with an insurance company representative or adjuster, please take these seven important steps in order to protect your rights.

Seven Steps To Success:

  1. Obtain adequate medical diagnosis and treatment for your injuries
  2. Document and photograph injuries and vehicle damage
  3. Keep track of your lost wages and earnings and accident-related expenses
  4. Do not trust the insurance company to look out for your rights
  5. Do not cash an insurance check before checking with your trusted attorney
  6. Do not sign an insurance release without attorney review
  7. Call Lindner Law, LLC, toll-free at 888-217-1625 or 920-335-1342 or 414-488-6870

What Will This Cost?

All motor vehicle accident cases are handled on a contingency-fee-basis. We will advance all costs and expenses. You will not have to reimburse us for any costs or expenses unless we are successful. That means you will pay absolutely nothing for lawyers’ fees or costs unless we win a monetary award in your case. When we win for you — and only then — we then charge an agreed-upon portion of the amount won.

How Do I Get Started?

Call our offices at 414-488-6870 or 920-335-1342 or 888-217-1625 or contact us online. After an unfortunate accident, you may need professional assistance to restore your life to normal. As you seek assistance to achieve physical and psychological recovery, you may need legal assistance to help recover financially from the accident.