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Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers With Decades Of Results

A serious injury is never just a serious injury. It is a major event that can have a dramatic and lasting impact on a person’s life. Beyond the physical pain and disability, victims may find that they are unable to return to work, straining their ability to keep up with bills and jeopardizing the entire family’s financial security. Beloved hobbies may become impossible. Everyday life suddenly comes with new challenges.

The personal injury attorneys at Lindner Law, LLC, in Milwaukee and Appleton, Wisconsin, understand how devastating a personal injury can be. With decades of experience on our side, we know what it takes to help you overcome the challenges, so you can move forward after your Wisconsin personal injury claim.

Thousands Of Wisconsin Personal Injury Accident Victims Helped

Over the years, we have been honored by the thousands of people statewide who placed their trust in our ability to pursue their personal injury claims for them. Our personal injury attorneys consider it a privilege to serve people in this way. We recognize that what we do impacts the critical areas of:

  • Your health: We want to get you the money you need to cover every aspect of your medical treatment. Instead of skipping doctor appointments for fear of not being able to pay, we want you to get top-notch care.
  • Your wealth: We want to get you back to work as soon as possible if you can. We want to make sure any paychecks you missed are reimbursed. If you cannot return to your job or have to take a lower-paying job, we want you get money to compensate for those losses.
  • Your family: Your family is important to you. We are here to work on your claim so you can focus on recovering those who matter the most in your life, rather than filling out paperwork.
  • Your peace of mind: We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that you have a team of Wisconsin personal injury lawyers on your side. They handle a wide assortment of personal injury matters; no case is too difficult or challenging. We will help you understand the legal process, fight for compensation and assist in any way we can.

What we are saying is that our Appleton personal injury lawyers and Milwaukee personal injury lawyers are completely committed to facilitating maximum financial, mental, emotional and physical recovery for you. Whether you had a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip-and-fall or another catastrophic injury, they will fight for your rights tenaciously.

Our Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys Full-Service Personal Injury Representation

Our mission is to help you recover physically, monetarily and holistically from any type of injury that you or a loved one may have suffered, from brain injuries to back injuries, to burn injuries and beyond. We also stand up for families that have lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents. We routinely represent people in personal injury claims involving:

  • Car crashes: From car accidents to truck accidents, to motorcycle accidents and more, our team stands up for anyone who has been hurt by a negligent driver.
  • Property accidents: These cases may involve slip-and-fall accidents, improper security or other issues that a property owner should have prevented.
  • Work accidents: We stand up for workers hurt due to third-party negligence in industrial workplaces and other workplaces.
  • Bike accidents: Our team is ready to help protect your rights as a cyclist, whether you are a competitive cyclist or a recreational rider.
  • Dog attacks: We help people navigate the complex issues that can arise when trying to seek compensation after a dog bite.
  • Boating and watercraft accidents: We provide trusted representation for boating, watercraft and swimming accidents, including property damages.

Our thorough approach to personal injury representation means we will guide you through all steps of a personal injury claim. We will help you take those first important steps. If you have already started and have received a settlement offer, we will review it and help you determine if it is really fair. If not, we will negotiate with the insurance company for an amount that will truly cover all of the costs associated with your unexpected injury. When an insurance company is unwilling to play fair, we are fully prepared to take them to trial to fight to achieve a positive outcome for you. We will always keep the lines of communication open.

Let Our Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Put Your Needs First

Lindner Law, LLC, handles all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we charge no fee unless we recover compensation for you. To contact us to set a free consultation with a Milwaukee personal injury attorney or an Appleton personal injury attorney, contact us today. Please call our Milwaukee office at 414-488-6870 or our Appleton office at 920-335-1342, or toll-free at 888-217-1625 or fill out our contact form.