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Advocating For Victims Of Boat And Watercraft Accidents

Wisconsin is a perfect state for water enthusiasts. With Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River and more than 15,000 lakes throughout the state, many residents participate in water sports. Unfortunately, each year, there are scores of serious boating accidents and injuries sustained on Wisconsin waters.

At Lindner Law, LLC, our experienced personal injury attorneys have represented victims of watercraft accidents involving:

  • Boats
  • Canoes
  • Jet skis
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle boards
  • Tubes
  • Wakeboards
  • Water skis

Boating accidents can result in catastrophic, and even deadly, injuries. Being on water puts crash victims at risk of drowning. This is especially true if the victim is unable to swim due to a sustained injury or if they lose consciousness in the crash.

What Are The Main Causes Of Wisconsin Boat Accidents?

Like all types of motor vehicle accidents, many factors can result in boating crashes, including:

  • Inexperienced boaters: The top contributing factor to watercraft accidents is driver inexperience. Inexperienced drivers can easily lose control of the vessel or inappropriately react to dangerous situations that arise on the water.
  • Intoxicated drivers: Drinking slows a driver’s reaction time and impairs their ability to make key decisions that could keep their passengers safe.
  • Distracted drivers: Drivers are often distracted by passengers and other vessels. Even briefly taking their eyes off the path ahead can cause a crash.
  • Reckless driving: Too many people view boats and other watercrafts as toys and fail to take proper precautions behind the wheel. Boats should be handled with the same caution as all other vehicles.
  • Improper spacing: Vessels regularly fail to maintain proper spacing from the shore, other watercraft, swimmers, buoys, piers and other hazards.
  • Excessive speeding: The faster a boat travels, the less time the driver has to react to other vessels or swimmers in the water.

Due to their greater speed and power, the majority of crashes involve motorized boats. These collisions also have a greater chance of causing severe injuries and damaging property.

How Does Liability Play A Role In Boating Accidents?

Just like a car accident claim, liability is determined after a boat accident to decide which party is responsible for medical bills, property damage and other damages. Depending on your situation, one of the following parties may be liable after your crash:

  • The other boat’s owner
  • A boat rental company
  • The vessel’s manufacturer
  • Negligent passengers

We will carefully examine the facts of your case to determine fault. Our goal is to help you secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to under Wisconsin law so you can move forward from your case with confidence and a sense of financial security.

Representing Swimmers Who Are Struck By Boats

At Lindner Law, LLC, we also represent swimmers who are struck by negligent boat operators. Swimmers lack any protection from watercraft and can sustain serious or even life-threatening injuries if hit. We make sure that your rights are protected.

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