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Do I Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Suffering any type of serious injury can be life-changing. You may be unable to work for an extended period of time, sustain high medical bills and be unable to participate in your favorite activities. It’s natural to wonder whether you can hold the responsible party accountable for your injury.

A successful personal injury claim will typically result in compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. It can also help you find a sense of closure after a traumatic ordeal.

At Lindner Law, LLC, our attorneys have decades of personal injury experience. We can explain what elements are necessary to file a claim and guide you through the process. Learn more below and contact our offices if you have any questions about your situation.

Can You Prove Negligence?

In order to obtain compensation from another party’s insurance company, you must be able to prove that the alleged at-fault party’s negligence was a cause of your injuries. Compensation is directly tied to their degree of fault. As long as the person you are claiming against is 50% or greater at fault for your injuries, you will be able to obtain compensation. Insurance companies will try to place blame on you in order to reduce the amount owed to you. Contrary to popular belief, you are not 10% at fault “for simply being there.”

The attorneys at Lindner Law, LLC, will fight for you to make sure the insurance company for the at-fault party accepts full responsibility so that you get fully compensated for the damage done to your vehicle in a car accident and the injuries you may have suffered as a result.

Have You Already Missed The Statute Of Limitations?

Time is of the essence after an injury. While you may feel overwhelmed as you try to physically recover from your injury, we recommend filing your claim as soon as possible with the assistance of a lawyer. Having the experienced attorneys at Lindner Law, LLC, on your case immediately will allow us to investigate and preserve critical evidence, speak with witnesses while everything is still fresh, protect you from giving away your valuable right to keep your medical records private and make sure that you do not make any critical mistakes that could negatively affect the value of your claim.

Generally, Wisconsin residents have three years to file a personal injury claim from the date of injury, but this can vary given the circumstances surrounding your injury. There are certain cases that have a much shorter time period that you need to be aware of in order to preserve your claim. For example, if your claim involves a city or state employee, you only have 120 days to file an initial notice of that claim. If your injury was caused by a “hit and run” vehicle that did not actually make contact with your vehicle, you must take certain steps within 30 days to preserve a claim against your own insurance company under the uninsured motorist coverage section of your policy. These are just a few examples of why it is important for you to hire a lawyer early on in the claim process.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Discuss Your Options

We understand that this is a stressful time for you and your family. Our legal team will discuss your potential case with you during a free case evaluation over the phone or in person to explain your legal options. Not all injuries can result in a successful personal injury claim. We will provide honest advice on what route can best help you.

Call our Milwaukee office at 414-488-6870, Appleton at 920-335-1342 or 888-217-1625 for statewide assistance. You can also contact our team online. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. You do not owe us any fees unless we successfully secure compensation on your behalf.