Whenever I had any questions, your firm was very attentive, always there for me and understood my needs.


- Justin S.

- Jeff, Milwaukee, WI

On March 30, 2013, I was involved in a car accident that nearly killed me. I suffered a neck fracture and hematoma because of the wreck. The hematoma expanded to the point where it caused an airway restriction which made it difficult for me to breathe. I was life-flighted from a local hospital in Cambridge, OH to the Ohio State University Medical Center where I stayed for over 6 months. After being release from OSU, I had to go to a nursing home. I will probably never fully recover from my injuries.

As medical bills began to mount, my wife contacted Hausmann-McNally Law Offices; it was the most important phone call we ever made. Not only did they take care of our legal matters, they took care of day to day hurdles that we faced such as bill collectors and medical providers who refused to help me. In fact, they even intervened when a local nursing home refused to admit me because I didn’t have the thousands of dollars to pay “up front”.

When it came time to settle my case, they keep my wife and I updated every step of the way. When my attorney Scott Bowman found out that the at fault driver only had $100,000.00 in insurance coverage, he looked into my own auto insurance and found out that I had an additional $200,000.00 available even though I thought, and told him, I didn’t have any additional insurance. Thanks to Hausmann-McNally’s work, I was able to receive a total settlement of $300,000.00.

I would recommend that anyone who suffers because of the wrongful action of a person or company, contact Hausmann-McNally; it will be the most important call that you ever make.


- Ronald W.

I was continually amazed and impressed with the concern and caring I felt throughout this litigation process. Natasha is a super lawyer and her attention to all the details and seemingly never-ending issues were all reflected in Jane and Dina .

I am very pleased with the outcome – all due to their hard work – it was very comforting – such a great team!

- Rose Mary R.

I have to say hands down that this firm has done everything possible and above and beyond in my eyes that they could possible do for me. Patrick O’ Neill has to be the most caring attorney I personally have come across. He has done outstanding work for me including his paralegal Allison. These people are my lifeline. I have used them twice now!


- Charlie H.

When they needed to meet with me, it was nice because they came to my house.


- Daniel W.

Your staff was overwhelmingly, kind, professional and attentive. I was extremely impressed and referral will be sent your way.


- Brian P.

- Brandon, Milwaukee, WI

- Lionel, Milwaukee, WI

I was well satisfied with all aspects of having Miles Lindner represent me. He is a superb negotiator, always keeping my best interests in the forefront. He has a great personality and was able to make me feel comfortable through the entire process. Most important, he was able to obtain a successful conclusion. I would use him again and would recommend him highly.

- Virginia, Brookfield, WI