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Brain injuries are possibly the most serious and unpredictable injuries that anyone can suffer. As we are now only beginning to understand the sorts of complications that can result from a brain injury, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a minor brain injury. Brain injuries can result in victims being entirely unable to take care of themselves or perform their job duties. Such injuries can seriously impact one’s memory, intellectual functioning and emotional well-being. Well-adjusted individuals may suddenly experience violent mood changes after suffering a brain injury.

At Lindner Law, LLC, our attorneys stay current with all medical advances regarding the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. When representing a victim, we negotiate for compensation that will help take care of them and their family now and in the future.

Brain Injuries Caused By Accidents

Brain injuries are especially common in motor vehicle crashes. A concussion as a result of such an accident can lead to temporary and permanent memory loss. Because so much is unclear about brain functioning and behavior, brain injuries are often extremely difficult to treat and diagnose.

Medical professionals often classify traumatic brain injuries as mild, moderate or severe. They would characterize these injuries as follows:

  • Mild TBI. Such injuries generally result from a brief loss of consciousness that lasts no more than a few minutes. There may be amnesia or memory loss for less than one hour. Brain imaging results show no abnormalities. Even with mild TBI, it is common to see individuals experience disorientation, blurred vision, headache and fatigue for up to one year.
  • Moderate TBI. A traumatic brain injury is generally considered moderate if the loss of consciousness lasts anywhere from one to 24 hours, and there are indications of abnormal brain imaging results. Victims generally suffer post-traumatic amnesia for up to 24 hours. In some instances, the effects of a moderate TBI can include diminished cognitive skills, the inability to communicate and partial paralysis.
  • Severe TBI. Generally, a traumatic brain injury is severe when a victim suffers a loss of consciousness for more than 24 hours, suffers amnesia for more than 24 hours and presents abnormal brain imaging results. Victims of severe TBI can suffer a lifelong disability, a permanent vegetative state or even death.

Compassionate Legal Representation

Our firm handles every kind of traumatic brain injury case. We understand the science behind brain injuries and the kind of care victims of brain injuries will need to survive and recover. Having handled as many cases as we have, we also understand the short-term and long-term consequences of brain injuries. (There can be long-term consequences even with cases of mild TBI.)

Any compensation package we pursue will take into account the consequences of memory loss, cognitive impairment, and mental and emotional issues that accompany a brain injury. We will therefore aggressively pursue compensation for victims in making certain any compensation package is adequate.

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