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News Update: 1 trapped under bus in fatal crash caused by speeding driver 

by | Apr 22, 2024 | News

MILWAUKEE, WI – The Milwaukee County Transit officials confirmed that 31-year-old Brandon Turner was going 100 mph when he ran a red light and hit a bus, claiming his life and trapping one man underneath the bus. 

To recap, this crash happened before midnight at North 35th Street and Capitol Drive. New details from WISN said that it was a tow truck driver, identified as Tony Evans from Always Towing, who was able to spring into action when he saw that the man was trapped. 

Evans was able to grab the tow truck and center it so that the bus could lean against the truck. When he was able to put it in the proper position, he was then able to pull the unidentified trapped man out of the bus. The trapped man, who was among seven who were hurt in this wreck, is recovering at a hospital. 

The bus driver, a 34-year-old man, and two from the Ford vehicle, a 31-year-old and 45-year-old adult, were also hospitalized. Two other passengers received treatment at the scene, additional information from CBS 58 showed. 

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