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News UPDATE: Elderly man dies 9 months after being hit by vehicle in Waukesha

by | Oct 5, 2023 | News

WAUKESHA COUNTY, WI — A man has died nearly nine months after a pedestrian crash in Waukesha that left him with serious injuries, according to Waukesha Alerts.

The incident occurred at the intersection of West St. Paul Avenue and Fairview Avenue. It was first recorded by Waukesha Alerts on Wednesday, January 4, at 5:10 p.m.

An early report indicates the victim, 73, had just left a nearby business when he began crossing St. Paul Avenue on foot and was struck by a westbound vehicle.

Responding officers and fire department crews administered aid to the victim, who suffered life-threatening injuries, before rushing him to an area hospital.

Authorities did not immediately report any information on the involved driver.

On October 4, nine months later, Waukesha Alerts relayed a report that the victim had passed away on October 3 as a result of his injuries.

No further information has been made available as of this writing.

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