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Teen Drivers And Car Accidents In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin alone, thousands of teens are involved in car accidents each year, leaving many families devastated. If a teen driver has hit you or your loved one in a car accident, it is time to seek legal guidance.

With over 45 years of combined legal experience championing the rights of car accident victims in Appleton, Milwaukee and across Wisconsin, Lindner Law, LLC, collaborates closely as a team on every case to achieve maximum compensation. Our skilled car accident attorneys prioritize client communication, keeping you informed throughout and readily available to answer questions.

The Frequency And Causes Of Wisconsin Teen Driving Accidents

According to the 2022 Wisconsin report, around 19,784 teen drivers ages 16-19 were involved in crashes, resulting in 16 teen driver deaths and 2,369 injuries. These teens made up 10.3% of drivers in crashes but only 4.4% of licensed drivers.

This translates to teen drivers having a nearly three times higher crash rate than adults per mile driven. The increased risk can be attributed to:

  • Speeding: Teen drivers often misjudge safe speeds and underestimate stopping distances.
  • Driving unsupervised: Peak crash times are late afternoons and summer hours when teens have more free time to drive without supervision.
  • Limited experience: New drivers are still developing essential driving skills.
  • Distracted driving: Texting, loud music and passengers can divert a teen’s attention from the road.

Understanding these common causes can help parents and guardians determine what to do after a car accident.

Who Is Liable When A Teen Driver Causes An Accident?

Every case is unique, but many teen drivers are still covered under their parents’ auto insurance, so they would be liable for your damages. Our experienced car accident attorneys can investigate the details of your accident case, identify the at-fault parties and build a strong case to maximize compensation.

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