Accident Victim Receives $727,000 After Serious Motorcycle Accident

$225,000 more than insurance company’s last offer before mediation

Lindner Law LLC., Attorney Miles Lindner recently completed a case where his client, received an insurance settlement of $727,000 to compensate him for severe injuries and losses suffered in a motorcycle accident on May 12, 2011. The final amount was $225,000 more than the insurance company offered before mediation. The additional amount was obtained through a process of pre-trial mediation, a practice being used more and more to settle cases before a formal trial.

Lindner’s client was driving eastbound on his Suzuki motorcycle when a driver in a Honda Odyssey failed to yield the right of way while making a left-hand turn. She later commented, “I didn’t even see him.” She turned directly into the motorcycle’s path resulting in a severe t-bone collision. The client suffered injuries to his head, neck, face, teeth, shoulder, wrist, chest, elbow and legs. In addition, he had, and still has, psychological effects, including irritability, frustration, sleep disturbance, poor appetite and weight loss. The injuries were carefully researched, summarized and documented by Attorney Lindner.

Acknowledging that the client was severely injured, State Farm Insurance’s last offer before mediation was $502,000 to settle the case. In order to avoid a full-blown trial, Lindner and State Farm agreed to mediation, a situation where a neutral third party hears from both sides. Lindner’s client was spared the time, expense and anxiety of a lawsuit. “I believe we got this settled one to one-and-a-half years sooner this way,” Lindner said. He is noted for preparing concise settlement packets, which are the documents presented to the mediator. Lindner believes that straight to the point is the best way to construct them.

Not only did Lindner’s client suffer injuries, but there are many other inconveniences which were part of Lindner’s case. Because he missed work, he was entitled to lost wages. His wife was entitled to compensation for caring for him after the accident. He is employed as a prison guard and has ongoing concern that the injury to his right wrist and hand may put him at risk if he should be attacked by an inmate. His injuries and other scarring, may require surgery or therapy in the future. All this was documented in the negotiation process.

Lindner consulted with numerous doctors, psychiatrists and medical practitioners and left no stone unturned as he assessed and documented what losses he could address in the mediation . From the beginning, Lindner Law LLC., insisted on taking good-quality photos of the client’s injuries, even hiring professionals for some of the work.

In the end, Lindner’s case was solid enough to persuade State Farm to raise its offer to $727.000–$225,000 more than their last offer prior to mediation. It pays to hire a good attorney.