Good Results Achieved from Tough Insurance Case

Insurance Company Twice Denies Liability

There are the hard cases in personal injury law, and then there are the really hard cases. Some of the easier cases are those that make the headlines and lawyer advertisements on TV—big awards or settlements touted. These are cases when a really nice person or family gets severely injured by some maniac who acts irresponsibly.

We all know there are cases that get millions for the plaintiff. Lindner Law LLC., has gotten many large settlements and verdicts in its 40-year history.

But what about the little guy with a “small” case? Someone who has problems and makes a poor witness for himself, but who was an accident victim nonetheless. If justice is blind, then these folks deserve justice, but it can be harder to get it for them. They don’t always present well.

Lindner Law LLC., Attorney Patrick O’Neill had such a client recently. In this case, the client had some difficulties, including Attention Deficit Disorder, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, impulse control, schizophrenia, a criminal record and a raft of physical problems. All of these show up on medical and police records which are part of the evidence presented in an injury claim.

O’Neill’s client was injured in an accident in a roundabout in a central Wisconsin city in 2012 when a driver made an illegal turn that caused O’Neill’s client to ram into a light pole near a turnoff. The injuries cost over $8,000 in doctor and treatment bills plus another $2,978 in property damage. The defense tried to say that construction barrels blocked a lane so that their client was making a legal turn. But, the police report showed that the barrels were not blocking a lane as he stated.

The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim shortly after the accident and again in March 2013. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Undaunted, Patrick O’Neill set out to get justice for his client. He filed suit in Winnebago County on August 15, 2013.

After being denied insurance money twice, O’Neill knew he had to make a strong case. The insurance company was armed also, conducting depositions of the defendant, two witnesses and the investigating police officer. But, after all was said and done, the depositions brought out more details in O’Neill’s client’s favor. The client himself was able to tell his version of how the accident happened.

In the end, the insurance company finally yielded, agreeing to pay for all the expenses incurred by the client as a result of the accident. In order to put more money in the client’s pocket, O’Neill is negotiating with the health-care providers to get the bills down as low as possible. The client will get all his bills paid plus receive compensation for his pain and suffering. “It isn’t a big headline win,” said Lindner Law LLC., Partner Patrick O’Neill, “but it is one of those cases where we work hard for the underdog, the same as we do for all our clients.”