Holiday Safety Tips from Injury Law Firm of Lindner Law LLC.

Halloween is almost here and so are countless warnings for child and adult holiday safety.

Lindner Law LLC., urges our readers to take all sensible precautions, but hopefully have some fun too. The fun of Halloween is to step into the scary unknown. We test our bravery against strange noises and sights, creatures and characters we would never see any other time of the year. Facing down a warty witch or creepy clown for the first time is a right of passage in many places. Let’s admit…it is fun to be scared (if you know you are safe). Warnings for Halloween safety generally fall into three categories:

  • Dangerous treats, razor blades in apples, poison candy
  • The hazards posed by costumes which make seeing difficult and the excitement, which causes kids to forget about traffic and safety rules
  • Anyone who might use Halloween as an opportunity to hurt kids

It is impossible to predict where a danger might come from, but generally parents who talk to their kids about safety and keep an eye on the action will have a better outcome. If you just turn the kids loose in a neighborhood, you are likely to receive back a frazzled, overexcited kid on a sugar high. Some parents let their younger kids trick or treat, but stand back at a discreet distance so they can observe where they go and who they interact with. Older kids would rather not go with their parents, so set strict limits on where and how long the evening goes on. Parents might have to insist that only wrapped treats are consumed, but that will depend on the safety of the neighborhood and the individuals who give out the treats. Traffic can be problematic. Adults may be driving home from parties where they drank too much alcohol. Trick or treaters need to be warned so they aren’t involved in pedestrian accidents. And drivers need to remember that kids may be snaking through the streets in costumes that impair their side vision. The warnings of not talking to strangers or going with anyone you don’t know is hard to enforce on Halloween, so parents are urged to be aware of neighborhood conditions, news reports and to network with other parents to ensure their children don’t fall into the wrong hands. It’s all about caution. And then, it’s all about being dressed up as something else, scaring and being scared, lots of treats and excitement. Take the precautions necessary and then have a great scary fun night.