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News: Speed suspected in Milwaukee crash with tree that kills 2 

by | Mar 4, 2024 | News

MILWAUKEE, FL – A driver of a gray Toyota Camry was said to have been speeding when they lost control of their car and collided with a tree Thursday, claiming two lives. 

This incident occurred before 10 p.m. at the W Howard Avenue and South 24th Street junction, which is along the Wilson Recreation Center, according to TMJ4

The impact of this incident had ejected the driver — Jenna Rae — from the car. Rae had supposedly gone through the windshield before landing in the front yard of a home. 

Police did not confirm if Rae was among the two who passed away. They said that despite paramedics providing CPR, the two occupants — both 24 years of age — died from their injuries at the scene. 

One suspect, who was seen fleeing away from the collision site and who had no involvement in Thursday’s wreck, was apprehended and booked into custody. 

The Milwaukee Police Department started an investigation and has not provided further commentary regarding this collision. 

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