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News: Driver flees after car hits parked vehicle, tree in Milwaukee’s Bay View

by | Dec 27, 2023 | News

MILWAUKEE, WI — A hit-and-run collision involving a parked vehicle was reported Sunday, December 24, on a stretch of road known for problems in Milwaukee’s Bay View area, reports TMJ4.

The incident occurred on a quarter-mile span of South Howell Avenue between East Deer Place ad East Montana Street, which, according to the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory (TOPS), has been the site of 37 crashes in 9 years.

A resident of the area recalled hearing a loud sound at about 12:00 a.m. and soon learned that a car had struck the back of a parked vehicle and collided with a tree. The driver then fled the scene before authorities arrived.

In addition to this recent crash and other more recent wrecks, TMJ4 cited a 2019 hit-and-run in the area that claimed the life of a woman who was walking her dogs.

While the street has seen changes over the years since, such as a lowered speed limit (30 mph down to 35 mph), the addition of striped bike lanes, and a new crosswalk with a speed bump installed at an intersection, residents are calling for more safety measures.

At this time, the Milwaukee Police has not released any information about the recent incident or any reported injuries.

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