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When Security Fails And People Are Hurt

If you have been wounded in a bar shooting, mugged in a store parking lot or injured at a business location where you should expect to be safe, you may have cause for a negligent security lawsuit. We do not recommend these casually, but there are numerous circumstances when proper care was not taken, and the injured victim is entitled to compensation for losses and injuries. A consultation with one of our attorneys will help determine whether you have a good case.

Few law firms have the depth of experience in negligent security cases that Lindner Law, LLC, has. We have been working in this area for many years, and a good share of our lawyers’ time has been devoted to achieving success for our clients in these types of cases.

In this specialized area of the law, judges and juries must determine what danger could “reasonably” have been foreseen and, thus, avoided. Because this is such a vague standard dependent on the individual situation, it is important for your attorney to thoroughly explore all aspects of the case.

This is not an area where you want a generalist or an attorney who is merely dabbling in the field. Negligent security is an area where your attorney’s skill, experience and willingness to provide outside resources and retain security experts are crucial.

In dealing with negligent security cases, we have cultivated relationships with experts who can help bolster your case before the court. We have also honed our own skills in asking crucial questions to determine the real value of the security efforts that failed you.

For example, some people think that if they simply hire a guard or bouncer it means they have met legal requirements. This is not true. Our attorneys will delve into the quality of the security precautions taken at an accident site. Here are some of the areas we probe:

  • Security plans and measures, if any, that were in place
  • Qualifications, training and experience of the security firm and/or personnel who were supposed to be looking out for your security
  • The owner’s level of involvement in developing a comprehensive security program
  • Quality of the equipment used
  • Whether a security plan was properly designed
  • Whether plan was managed competently and sufficiently

In the course of pursuing a case, we will take many measures to ensure we have examined all areas of negligence and discovered all avenues of recovery in your negligent security case.