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Wisconsin Delivery Drivers Are At Risk For Dog Bites Every Day

As more people shop and order food online, the demand for delivery workers has surged. What many customers of delivery services – and delivery drivers themselves – may not understand is how hazardous delivery work can be. From mail carriers to DoorDash drivers, from UPS employees to Amazon workers, one of the greatest risks they face is getting bitten by a dog.

In 2022, dog attacks impacted over 5,300 United States Postal Service employees. Moreover, dog bites are the third most common type of injury for all delivery workers. Delivery workers in Milwaukee face greater danger than most: the city is ranked the 14th worst for dog attacks on postal workers, and other delivery professionals aren’t any safer.

Delivery drivers often face challenges obtaining the compensation they deserve after a dog bite injury. At Lindner Law, LLC, we help them navigate the complex world of claims. Our dog bite lawyers can also answer any questions delivery drivers may have about how to handle dog bite injuries.

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What Can I Do If I’m Bit By A Dog While On A Delivery?

The first two things delivery drivers must do after a dog bite is to report the incident and seek medical attention. They then will want to contact a dog bite attorney, who can advise them on their options for seeking compensation for their injuries.

Who Is Liable If I Get Bit By A Dog While On A Delivery?

In Wisconsin, property owners are liable for injuries delivery workers suffer as the result of dog bites. They will face legal penalties and will have to pay a fine, which will double if their dog has injured other people in the past.

Can A FedEx, Amazon, UPS Or Other Delivery Driver Sue After A Dog Bite?

Per Wisconsin’s strict liability dog bite laws, property owners must pay full damages to delivery drivers who suffer dog bite injuries.

Delivery Drivers Can Turn To Us For Help

Dog bites hurt, and so can dog bite cases. The dog bite lawyers at Lindner Law, LLC, are dedicated to making the legal process as painless as possible. We can assess your case during a free consultation. To book yours, call our Milwaukee office at 414-488-6870 or our Appleton office at 920-335-1342 or toll-free at 888-217-1625 or send us an email.