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News: 5 hurt when alleged impaired driver hits tree in Vernon 

by | Mar 21, 2024 | News

VERNON, WI – Milwaukee Police said a 20-year-old man was impaired when he drove seven miles over the speed limit when he crashed into a tree, injuring five people Sunday. 

This collision happened on Edgewood Avenue, according to FOX 6 Now. The driver — Blayz Srock-Gurney — told authorities he tried to avoid hitting the tree while negotiating a curve. However, the attempt did not work, and he struck the tree, leading him and two others to get thrown from the vehicle. 

Blayz Srock-Gurney admitted to having driven while drunk when Milwaukee County deputies arrived at the scene. He also exhibited signs of intoxication, such as having the smell of alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes. He was injured, along with the four other people. 

The suspect faces two counts of “Intoxicated use of a vehicle-great bodily harm,” two counts of “Knowingly operate motor vehicle while suspended-cause great bodily harm,” three counts of “Operating while intoxicated causing injury-1st offense,” and three counts of “Misdemeanor bail jumping.” 

In addition, “Srock-Gurney has three pending criminal cases against him for drugs and operating without a license.” 

The suspect attended a court appearance on March 19th, and a court commissioner set his bond at $200,000. 

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