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4 things your kids should know to avoid dog bites

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Dog Bites

Dog attacks can result in devastating injuries that can impact a child’s mental and physical health.

To avoid a dog bite injury, you can teach your children a few things to help them interact safely with unfamiliar dogs. Consider these four simple tips.

1. Avoid dogs you do not know

Children are naturally curious about animals, but an unfamiliar dog can present a danger to anyone. They should know to avoid the area and get as far away from the dog as possible. Older children should know how to contact animal control.

2. Remain calm in the presence of aggressive dogs

How your child reacts in the presence of an aggressive dog could save them from an attack. Teach them to walk away quietly and confidently at first. If the dog follows, tell your child to stand still in a defensive position. If the dog jumps on them, they should cover their head and neck with their arms and get into a fetal position.

3. Avoid escalating

In the presence of an aggressive dog, running, hitting, yelling or making any sudden movements can provoke the dog and escalate the situation. Your child should understand not to escalate an encounter with any animal.

4. Respect a dog’s space

Even dogs your children know can be dangerous. One concept every dog owner should teach their children is to respect a dog’s space and recognize when the dog does not want to play. For example, you can explain the importance of leaving the dog alone when it leaves an interaction.

If someone else’s dog bites your child, you may have the opportunity to recover compensation for their injuries.