This is where a trusted attorney will be most helpful. Remember the insurance company’s goal is to protect THEIR interests and bottom line, not yours. Your representatives at Lindner Law LLC., will explain more about the workings of the personal injury system. We will handle all communications, forms and inquiries from the insurance company.

In order to avoid costly mistakes in dealing with an insurance company representative or adjuster, please take these seven important steps in order to protect your rights.

Seven Steps to Success:

  1. Obtain adequate medical diagnosis and treatment for your injuries.
  2. Document and photograph injuries and vehicle damage.
  3. Keep track of your lost wages and earnings and accident-related expenses.
  4. Do not trust the insurance company to look out for your rights.
  5. Do not cash an insurance check before checking with your trusted attorney.
  6. Do not sign an insurance release without attorney review.
  7. Call Lindner Law LLC., toll free at 1-800-227-6699.

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