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​Employment Contract Review: Helping You Protect Your Future

Whether you are negotiating a contract with new employer or looking to exit an employment relationship, a new season of work or retirement life can be an exciting venture. But not all employment and separation contracts are mutually beneficial. It is of utmost importance that you comb through employment and separation contracts before signing and do so with the help of an informed attorney. Signing a contract that does not look out for your best interests could hinder your career, prevent you from switching to a better opportunity in your field of work, or disrupt your career/retirement plans.

At Lindner Law, LLC, we provide extensive employment law services to clients throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our legal team has a combined 45 years of legal experience. We have the knowledge, experience, and sound judgment necessary to assist you with contract concerns.

Understanding Noncompete Agreements

In a noncompete agreement, employees sign a contract that stipulates they cannot work in a similar discipline for a specified period following termination or resignation. A lawyer can help you understand the full extent of the contract and other restrictions on competition (e.g., customer solicitation) and ensure that the agreement is reasonable and enforceable. Noncompete agreements should be made and followed carefully as they may affect the employee’s ability to earn a living in the future.

Nondisclosure Agreements And Why They Matter

Nondisclosure agreements protect businesses by preserving important information and maintaining confidentiality. Employees must understand all aspects of the agreement prior to signing as the document is legally binding, and you could face negative and costly repercussions if you break the agreed-upon terms.

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