Happy Thanksgiving

At this time of the year, we turn our thoughts to the things we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving can mean a lot of things. For some, it means shopping on Thanksgiving itself when it seems retailers are rushing the season. A lot of people think it is shameful that the stores are in such a hurry to get our shopping dollars (before someone else gets them), but there is another view. One of our friends, who works in a retail store that opens on Thanksgiving, said it is one of the most fun days of the year. “There is plenty of staff to handle the traffic, free stuff and almost all the shoppers are in a holiday mood,” she reports. So while some of us would rather have a root canal than shop on Thanksgiving, it isn’t that way for everyone. So we are grateful for the many choices offered.

Thanksgiving means a good meal for most of us. People reach out to make sure that even homeless people get their fill of turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

In addition to an economy that just won’t stop trying, there are other many more substantial things to be thankful for…

  • Thankful for living in a country that cares about the welfare of its citizens
  • Thankful for the freedoms we enjoy
  • Thankful for the people who risk life and limb for us in the military
  • Thankful for friends who know us best and like us anyway
  • Thankful for family, spouses, parents, children, grandchildren who fill our lives with love and challenges
  • Thankful for the wonderful people who work at Lindner Law LLC., who go the extra mile time after time because they are real pros
  • Thankful for clients who give us the opportunity to do what we love—practice personal-injury law
  • Thankful for favors we do not even know we have received

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

The lawyers and staff of Lindner Law LLC.