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The most dangerous roads in Milwaukee

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Car Accidents

It is no secret that cities across the country have experienced a rise in dangerous and reckless driving behaviors over the last few years. Milwaukee especially has seen this rise. However, a recent study details the extent of the hazards drivers face in the city.

According to NHTSA data, five of the nine most dangerous Wisconsin roads are in Milwaukee, based on data collected over a 20-year span beginning in 2000. These are the alarming statistics. Here are the most dangerous roads in Milwaukee:

1. SR-190

SR-190, between the SR-100 and W. Hopkins St. exits, is the #1 deadliest stretch of road in the entire state of Wisconsin. There have been 23 deaths on this busy road that spans residential, commercial and recreational areas.

2. SR-59

SR-59, between S. 1st Street and S. 76th Street, has seen 17 fatal crashes and 18 deaths. Running through busy intersections and neighborhoods, SR-59 is the second deadliest road in the state.

3. I-94

I-94, between exits 305A and 310B, is the fifth deadliest road in Wisconsin. There have been 16 deaths from crashes on this stretch of interstate near the Milwaukee Zoo.

4. SR-57

SR-57, between W. Pierce St. and W. Capitol Dr., ranks sixth out of the state’s nine most dangerous roads. This stretch has seen 15 fatal collisions and 17 deaths.

5. SR-175

SR-175, between W. Center St. and W. Bobolink Ave., is the last on this list, coming in as the ninth most deadly. There have been seven fatal crashes on this section of state road.

The danger of Milwaukee roads is closely tied to their high traffic, though many other factors are at play, including reckless driving, speeding and the number of intersections present. While vigilance is not always enough to prevent a collision, it can help reduce the number of crashes on Wisconsin thoroughfares.