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News: Snowplows hit 3 times by vehicles within 24 hours in St. Croix County

by | Jan 27, 2023 | News

ST. CROIX COUNTY, WI — Snowplows were struck three times by vehicles within twenty-four hours on Interstate 94 in St. Croix County, according to TMJ4.

The incidents were reported by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, who noted that the twelve crashes involving snowplows have now been recorded in the county this winter.

Authorities said the accidents occurred as the plows were being operated off the roadway, with one plow being struck twice.

One motorist was said to have been injured in one crash, but no other information has been shared indicating the extent of those injuries.

In the wake of the crashes, motorists are reminded that it is illegal to drive within 200 feet behind the plow while the vehicle is removing snow or ice on the roadways at a posted speed limit that exceeds 35 miles per hour.

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