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What is causing the rise in reckless driving in Wisconsin?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

The increased number of reckless drivers has led to a rise in collisions involving pedestrians, severe injuries and driver deaths. Taking a closer look at why these behaviors are increasing may encourage drivers to be more responsible when operating a vehicle.

Speeding habits

Cars now go faster and ride smoother than ever before, making it easier for drivers to speed over the limit. Not only have vehicles changed, but so have drivers’ behaviors. Some reports show that the decrease in cars on the road due to the health crisis of 2020 and the resulting reduction of police traffic stops made it easier for drivers to speed. However, as the number of drivers returns to average, the frequency of speeding is the same.

Unknown effects of drugs

While driving drunk has decreased over the years due to public information campaigns, the number of drugged drivers has increased. Many users do not realize that drugs affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Additionally, with the increasing availability and rapid introduction of new drugs, users are less likely to know how their bodies might react to these substances, often getting behind the wheel before realizing the drug’s full effect.

Daily distractions

Nearly every driver has a cell phone within reach while in their vehicle. The constant pressure of immediate availability might cause drivers to feel more responsible for answering a text message than focusing on the road. Taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds is all it takes for the car to drift across the line or onto a sidewalk.

It is the responsibility of all drivers to prevent reckless driving. By educating everyone about the life-long consequences of their actions, drivers may make better decisions before driving.