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Work zone accident facts and safety tips

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Car Accidents

Wisconsin work zones experience thousands of motor vehicle crashes every year. Unfortunately, many motorists do not exercise the caution required to keep workers and other drivers safe.

Drivers in Wisconsin rely on road work to keep their highways and streets safe. If you lose focus for just one moment, you might make a mistake that impacts several lives, including yours and your family.

Fast facts

According to the Wisconsin DOT, on average, there are 2,488 crashes in work zones every year. During construction season, one crash occurred every three hours. The cumulative totals for work zone crashes in the past five years include 12,441 hits, 4,780 injuries and 62 deaths.

Even minor accidents lead to significant financial pain. Regular speeding tickets double in work zones. Also, injuring a worker could cost you thousands of dollars and possibly even jail time.

Safety tips

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while driving through a work zone:

  • Slow down. Obey the speed limit and do not tailgate the driver in front of you.
  • Always avoid distractions, but the increased penalties and potential consequences make this especially true in work zones. Stop eating, drinking and talking on the phone when you approach a work zone.
  • Finally, do not rely on your eyesight to determine if workers are present. Obey work zone traffic laws even if you do not see any workers.

You rely on road construction to get where you need to be. Show courtesy to the workers, other drivers and yourself by obeying traffic laws and exercising extreme caution in work zones.