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Wrong-way crashes are on the rise in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Crashes are a risk every driver must be aware of. The U.S. alone experiences millions of car wrecks each year.

Wrong-way crashes occur when drivers move in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic, meeting incoming cars head-on. This is a rising problem in many areas, but especially in Wisconsin, which experienced an increase in them that exceeds the national average, according to TMJ4.

What factors contribute to wrong-way crashes?

Wrong-way collisions often occur because of poor decision-making. A large portion of them involve drivers impaired by alcohol or illicit substance consumption. However, drivers afflicted by excess fatigue, confused seniors suffering from dementia and distracted individuals may also find themselves involved in these crashes.

What options do people have to avoid these crashes?

Not all wrecks are avoidable since people are unable to control the actions of others, only their own. However, by following the laws about intoxicated driving and other rules of the road and teaching younger generations to do so as well, individuals may avoid contributing to the issue. Not driving really late at night or early in the morning unless absolutely necessary may also help since people are generally more tired during those times and more likely to make mistakes because of that exhaustion.

Wrong-way wrecks are more likely to end in a fatality since they typically involve direct collisions. They are a serious problem in Wisconsin and often involve impaired or confused driving. Avoiding driving when in one of these conditions and persuading others to follow suit may help mitigate the issue.