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Highway work zones, multiple-car crashes and investigations

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

There are various reasons for a car crash to occur in a construction work zone in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, these accidents are not necessarily confined to one vehicle. A thorough investigation will reveal the cause of the crash and the parties responsible.

A springtime crash

In May 2021, a crash occurred in Waukesha, WI, on I-43. The initial investigation showed that an SUV struck a bridge guardrail in a construction zone. Although other vehicles tried to avoid the accident, a three-car collision developed behind the SUV. Emergency responders transported three people to the hospital with injuries.

Causes for work zone crashes

An increase in highway construction work inevitably leads to more work zone vehicle crashes. Many incidents involve multiple vehicles. From 2011 to 2015, an estimated 1,933 such crashes occurred annually, injuring 778 and killing 9 people on average. Although construction companies must keep highway work zones safe, crashes happen for various reasons:

  •  Hazardous design routes
  •  Improperly placed warning signs
  •  Directions for detouring not visible enough
  •  Placement of barricades or signs are too close to traffic lanes
  •  Placement of construction equipment impedes traffic flow

Investigation results

The advocates for motorists injured in a highway construction zone will immediately begin an investigation at the crash site since evidence can quickly vanish due to passing traffic or weather conditions. From skid marks to radiator fluid stains to damaged guard rails, investigators will reconstruct the accident to determine the cause.

Liability among parties

It is not uncommon for liability to spread among multiple parties in a construction work zone crash. Those responsible might include the construction company, a trucking company, other motorists, even local or state governments. Injured parties have a right to expect maximum compensation to cover their medical expenses and more.