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Are construction zones dangerous driving areas?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

Signs posted at Wisconsin construction zones usually tell drivers to slow down. Several good reasons exist for the warning. Heavy trucks and machinery may move on the road, and their flashing lights and audial alerts have their limitations. Other hazards may also rear their heads, creating risks to drivers and workers alike. Those who violate traffic laws and workplace safety rules could find themselves facing a negligence suit.

The hazards of construction zones

The dangers associated with construction zones are sometimes fatal ones. CDC data reveals that thousands of motorists have lost their lives in construction zone accidents. Worker deaths have also occurred, and many of them resulted from vehicles backing up. Even with modern technological assistance and careful driving, backing up a truck on a construction site can cause harm. A truck driver who moves too quickly or impatiently might hit a worker or another vehicle. Sometimes, the outcome is fatal.

Motorists driving down a road near a construction zone must remain alert to warnings. A worker standing on the street with a handheld “Slow” sign is doing so for a reason. Drivers who ignore the warning and continue traveling at the same speed could crash into another vehicle or hit a worker carrying something across the road.

Distracted driving might lead to a similar incident, it certainly doesn’t constitute a sufficient excuse. Someone choosing to text and drive in a construction zone actually typifies negligence.

Exploring options to take action

Injuries in construction zones might leave someone with unexpected and costly medical bills. Other financial ramifications could result as well. Often, such situations lead to insurance claims. When the construction site proves responsible for an accident, a motorist may file an insurance claim against the construction company’s business liability policy. If the motorist is at fault, then auto liability insurance could come into play.

Depending on the situation, a personal injury lawsuit might result. Depending on the case, suing beyond policy limits may even prove worthwhile. Discussions with an attorney about legal strategies after a motor vehicle accident might prove helpful. A lawyer could negotiate with an insurance company or prepare a suit for trial.