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Study: Automated Car Safety Features Reducing Crashes, Injuries

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Car Accidents

As you drive around the Milwaukee metro area, you regularly make use of your vehicle’s safety features such as brakes, headlights, mirrors, seatbelts and more. Drivers of newer vehicles typically have automated safety features such as rear vision cameras, parking assistance, crash alerts and more.

According to a new study, these automated features are paying dividends in some important areas, reducing the risks of motor vehicle crashes, vehicle damage, injuries and fatalities.

A research professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said that “advanced driver assistance systems such as forward and rear emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and others” are helping automakers achieve “substantial gains in safety.” Plus, the professor said, “the more automated the system, the greater the benefits.”

The data bears out the claims. Automatic emergency braking reduces rear-end collisions by nearly half (46 percent), while reverse automatic braking reduces backing-up crashes by 81 percent.

The statistics used in the study are from 3.8 million GM vehicles tracked by the automaker and researchers in 10 states.

Driver and passenger safety was also enhanced by active lane controls with lane-departure warnings. Those safety systems reduced lane-change collisions by 20 percent, according to the study. Lane-change alerts and blind-spot monitors cut crashes down by 26 percent.

When some safety tech systems work in tandem, benefits are even greater. When reverse auto braking includes rear cross-traffic alerts and a rearview camera, fender-benders dropped by a whopping 81 percent.

These are the kinds of results that might well make many drivers understand and appreciate the emerging auto safety technologies.

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